Love The Work More

We fucked with the most lucrative organization in the creative industry, Cannes Lions, by knocking down their’s pricey paywall with a simple idea: hyperlinking all Lions-winning creative works throughout Cannes’ entire history to where they are publicly viewed for free.

See it for yourself at


↳ Entered in Cannes Lions as a prank in 2022. Ended up winning a Bronze Lions in PR.

↳ 5x Adweek articles to cover the entire story.

↳ 700,000+ unique visitors (and counting) from 140+ countries. Mostly from Brazil.

↳ 24 hours of display in Times Square. For free.

↳ Honorably mentioned in “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: 6th Edition” by Luke Sullivan.

↳ 28 job interviews with 28 agencies worldwide.

↳ 4 “urgent” calls with Cannes Lions CEO.

↳ Got Cannes Lions to free their archive to all creatives under 30 globally.

↳ Practically “stole” nearly €2.3 billion from Cannes Lions organization


↳ “This is sick. Fuck the system.”
Linkedin user

↳ “This is actually the coolest and most wicked idea of the entire Cannes week.”
Linkedin user

↳ “The lion’s just been cloned, but to a better version.”
Linkedin user

↳ “How do you show someone the middle finger without showing them the middle finger.”
Linkedin user

↳ “Heroic 👌”
Simon Vicars, Chief Creative Officer at Colenso BBDO

↳ “Legend.”
Till Diestel, Chief Creative Officer And Partner at Serviceplan Germany

↳ “This is vandalism, and we need more vandalism in this industry.”
Zach Canfield, Director of Talent at Goodby Silverstein & Partners

↳ “👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”
Chris Beresford-Hill, Chief Creative Officer at BBDO Worldwide

↳ “Hhahahaha such a class burn.”
Mihnea Gheorghiu, Global Chief Creative Officer at LePub

↳ “All of our friends from the industry were sharing your website today.”
João Coutinho, Co-founder at Atlantic New York

↳ “You guys are the Robinhoods of Advertising.”
Mateusz Mroszczak, Chief Creative Officer at VML Singapore

↳ “Brilliant hack. I would love for all the job offers to be delivered to these 2 young creatives.”
Jonathan Daly, Head of Communications Strategy at Droga5 NY

↳ “Cannes should rename their thing to It’s fucking ridiculous.”
Augusto Correia, Creative Director at Publicis Middle East

↳ “This is fucking brilliant. Fuck those Cannes people.”
Luke Sullivan, Author of “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”

↳ “I wonder when Cannes will reach out to you guys. They must be shitting their pants.”
Shelley Luis, Freelance Creative Director

↳ “If you enter this as entry to Cannes in 2022, that will be the ultimate guerrilla tactic.”
Linkedin user 

↳ “Their manifesto made me feel something.”
Twitter user


↳ Quynh Tran and Toan Mai

↳ Literally everything from beginning to end